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Short Term Leasing - Offers Nissan Primastar - Special Offer
Nissan Primastar - Special Offer

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Contract Hire Finance Lease

Finance Lease is an ever popular option for commercial vehicles. If you are a high mileage user you may want the benefits that come with a lease and the discounts given by the manufacturers but won’t want to incur the excess mileages charges that come with the contracts. With Finance lease you have a balloon payment at contract end and can either purchase the vehicle, to continue to run the vehicle or dispose, or you can return it to the finance company. (If you return it the finance company will dispose of the vehicle. You may be liable for any loss)

One of the main benefits of finance lease products is the pricing. In many cases the manufacturers support it to such a degree that it is often the cheapest way of running a fleet.

This site is based on contract hire pricing, but we are happy to quote in either case.

We can quotes on all makes, models and derivatives, and if you cannot see what you are looking for or require bespoke options adding to the vehicle get in touch and we will happy to assist.

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